San Jose de Metan

A peaceful town in the south of the Salta province, Argentina.


The main street

San Jose de Metan, a small peaceful town in the north of Argentina, embraces the rich cultural heritage of the region amid breathtaking landscapes and colorful traditions. This despite the fact that the town itself is relatively young: it emerged at the junction of the Buenos Aires - Tucuman - Salta railway.


In San Jose de Metan, a city in Argentina, many people are struggling with money problems, just like in the rest of the country. Some people live in poverty, which means they don't have enough money for basic necessities. It's important to not only think about money but also about how we can help each other and feel good in our community. As an evangelical pastor, I see how strong people are in our city and how they work together through their faith and by supporting each other. There is a strong sense of unity in the city.


In our city, family ties are very strong, and we feel connected as a community. But unfortunately, we cannot ignore that some people are struggling because of poverty, which limits their opportunities. Fortunately, faith plays a big role in many people's lives. It provides comfort, hope, and a reason to come together and help each other. In this way, we try to bring light in difficult times.


The local hospital