Short Missiontrips

The Zera Metan Foundation organizes short missionary trips to remote villages in northern Argentina. The concept is to go to the village with a group for several days and have impactful evangelization in collaboration with the local church. Often, donations such as food and clothing for the local population are brought along. Since visits to the village are infrequent, everyone is immediately aware when we arrive.

During our stay, the radio transmitter is installed in the church or at another high point. This transmitter functions autonomously and can be operated remotely, provided there is internet in the village.


The map with some mountain villages. There is mainly mining activity here. Some villages have been abandoned for decades, while in others there has been a lot of recent activity. In Tolar Grande, for example, three young people from the "Casa de Dios" church are working.


An impression of the landscape. This is the road between San Antonio de los Cobres and Olacapato. There is no mobile phone coverage. The minibus can be seen in the lower center of the photo.


This is the altitude difference during the trip from Metan to San Antonio de los Cobres.


This is a photo of the road from Salta to San Antonio de los Cobres. The entire road is paved, but during heavy rains, the road is often impassable.


Here, the antenna is placed in the church of San Antonio de los Cobres.